I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS BRACELET OH MY GOD I was making it and I was like ‘meh’ but when I finished it it looked awesome.

So here’s the bracelet, the good (and 3th) version. Absolutely selling these. What would you pay for it?

This is one of my favourites, easy to make as well.

This is a very adored bracelet actually, I get a lot of compliments on these ones. Everybody loves spikes, right?!

I like this one, doesn’t take too long and I can make this in a lot of colors. I absolutely will, too.

I made another one before this one, a green one, but it’s too ugly to show haha. I will feature something like this in my webshop, absolutely.

I also put some glitter on it, I will have the option to not choose glitter on your bracelet as well.